Clogged Pores

I wish there was a way to guarantee to never get clogged pores. The best thing we can do is take action by exfoliating a few times a week with a facial scrub. I use Image resurfacing masque, it has 17% AHA’s to soften, brighten and clean pores. Exfoliating will also get rid of dead skin build up and help prevent enlarged pores. Also get a facial at least quarterly to have your pores cleaned out. Dirt, oil, and sweat can all build up in the pores and cause them to enlarge. This is why you have to get your pores cleaned out in a facial regularly.

January problems

I would like to send you all a message of hope for your January skincare problems. If you’re anything like me, you may have over consumed carbs and sugar around the holidays. I also started working out at the beginning of January to work off the weight I gained over the holidays. My skin is having some breakouts which is normal when you start a new workout routine. As I sweat and work out my body is releasing toxins and bacteria comes through my pores. When you see a breakout arise, spot treat the breakout, do not put a harsh cream all over your face if you only have one or two breakouts. Unfortunately because of the weather my skin is also very dry right now. If you see or feel that your skin is dry, use a heavier night cream. I have also been using a heavier serum during the day underneath my day cream. Do not worry this too shall pass!

Collagen Boost

Chocolate Collagen BoostPeople are always asking me how they can get more collagen into their skin. Copper gives you collagen. The best news of the day is you can get this from 2 ounces of chocolate each day, as chocolate contains the copper you need. You’re welcome!