With the season of gift giving having just calmed down, many people are asking me if its good to use their new clarasonic brush. I personally have one and I love it. It exfoliates and stimulates collagen at the same time. I noticed it quickly made my skin softer and as a bonus I use it with my exfoliant when I need a deeper pore cleanse. No more than once a day and use it with your cleanser. Keep it clean and enjoy!

Collagen Boost

Chocolate Collagen BoostPeople are always asking me how they can get more collagen into their skin. Copper gives you collagen. The best news of the day is you can get this from 2 ounces of chocolate each day, as chocolate contains the copper you need. You’re welcome!

Post Workout Skin Care Tip

Facial CleanserAs we dedicate ourselves to getting fit for the new year, remember when you sweat it release toxins and opens your pores. Its best to wash your face within 20 minutes of a workout. Put an extra cleanser (face wash) in your gym bag. If you do not wash before those pores close back up then you are susceptible to bacteria spreading and causing breakouts.